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Father and son effort has raised more than $115,000 for heart research

June 12, 2011


Often times when wine enthusiasts peruse the aisles of their favorite shops and cellars in search of that special drop, the aesthetics of the bottle packaging and name of the wine, often impact the purchase decision.

Unbeknownst to some consumers, there is often much more to the heart and soul of a particular bottle than one may be aware. One such creation is Colby Red.

Two weeks ago I shared the juice from fellow vintner Daryl Groom about his 13-year-old son Colby Rex Groom. I caught up with Daryl who was judging at the Los Angeles International Wine and Spirits Competition at Fairplex Pomona. “Groomy” as he is affectionately called by insiders, is one of the world’s “flying winemakers” and has over 3 decades experience producing wines.

Colby is a young man who endured back-to-back open heart surgeries at the ages of eight and nine. His desire to help others with heart disease provided the idea to inspire his winemaker/enologist father, Daryl to create a red wine to help raise money for heart research.

“My biggest pride and joy, and what has been taking much of my time over the last few months is the launching of a new wine called Colby Red – a 2009 vintage California blend of cabernet sauvignon, zinfandel, shiraz, merlot and petite sirah,” said Daryl.

“Colby, ever since his surgery, has felt the need give back because he feels part of the reason he is alive is because people have donated to heartresearch. He is the recipient of a mechanical heart valve in his heart.”

“Colby came to me a year ago on a Sunday afternoon and he said, `Dad do you think we could make a wine together? I’d really like to make a wine together.’ I asked him, `Why do you want to make a wine, you know it’s very hard work.”

“He responded that he was really interested in the winemaking process – the science of it,” said Daryl. “He then came back at me and said, `I really want to do it Dad. Do you think the wine will be any good?’ Well, Colby I’ve made wine for 30 years, of course it’s going to be good! Do you think we could sell it and could the profits go to heart research he asked?”

The father and son had planned to make 2 barrels.

“I was telling Colby’s idea and story to one of the wine buyers from Walgreens and they fell in love (with the story) and said they would like to take it on nationally and support us,” said Daryl.

“So from an idea that was going to be making just 2 barrels, we now in 3 months have raised over $115K for heart research, and my son, my wife and I have been traveling around the countryside attending and hosting special fundraisers for the American Heart Association.

“This is a unique and generous red wine, just as Colby is a unique and generous child. I blended five different grape varieties to make a red that’s juicy and velvety smooth, with rich fruit flavors and a soft finish. Colby Red is a wine for sheer delicious enjoyment. While it’s a great wine with food, it tastes best in the company of good friends and family, savored with an appreciation of the gifts each moment brings,” said Daryl.

Colby Red is sold and generously supported by Walgreens nationwide and online at Priced at about $12.99, the custom blend consists of cabernet sauvignon, zinfandel, shiraz, merlot and petite sirah.

When he isn’t jetting about to and from Australia and Northern California, Daryl can be reached at

To learn more about Colby and his wine please visit and on Facebook at Colby Red Wine